About Me

My academic background is in geography culminating in a master in meteorology. Like any keen geographer I love a good map, so I naturally gravitate towards spatial data.

I have always been a numbers person, whether that be at my first job analysing weather models for the Met Office or working with customer insights as a market researcher. I loved the analytical part of the roles and was enlightened by the impact data can have for an organisation. However, I felt limited by the more traditional tools used and thought there must be a better way to work with data.

The Data School is the perfect opportunity for me to bring together my personal love for art and design with the career aspects that have captivated me so far.

Having studied at the Data School from October 2018 – February 2019, I am currently on my first of four placements. Throughout my learning at the Data School I found that I learnt best when vocalising how to do things. I also realised that I quite liked writing blogs so decided to launch my own to continue my learning in both Tableau and Alteryx.